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The shoes, which have the CE mark, have passed the mandatory tests in the EN ISO 20344 standard and are produced from high-performance materials. In this context, MEKAP shoes, in line with the European Economic Community (EEC) regulations for personnel protective equipment (PPE) (Instruction No: 89/686 EEC) authorization number 0193 “Prüf-und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V. - Marie-Curie-Str. It has been tested and approved by the PFI Middle East Quality Control Laboratory at 19-66953 Pirmasens/Germany. Shoes produced by MEKAP meet the requirements of the relevant European standards.

EN ISO 20345-2011
Safety Shoes
(200 joules - Steel Impact Strength)
  • SB: Basic Requirements
  • S1: A+SB+E
  • S1P: A+SB+E+P
  • S2: A+SB+E+WRU
  • S3: A+SB+E+WRU+P
EN ISO 20347
Work Shoes
(Without Nose Impact Resistance)
  • OB: Basic Requirements
  • O1: A+OB+E
  • O1P: A+OB+E+P
  • O2: A+OB+E+WRU
  • O3: A+OB+E+WRU+P
CE Technical
Labeling Information
(Additional Safety Descriptions)
  • P: Anti-Perforation Protection
  • A: Antistatic Shoe
  • E: Heel Energy Absorption
  • WRU: Water Resistant Shoe-Upper
  • HRO: 300ºC Resistant Sole
  • ORO: Oil Resistant Sole
  • ESD: Electrostatic Discharge